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Ensuring occupational safety in enterprises

(News Portal – Dong Nai) - On International Workers' Day, the first day of the 2024 Occupational Safety and Health Action Month, a serious workplace accident occurred in Dong Nai province, resulting in 6 deaths and 5 injuries. This incident once again raises the alarm about occupational safety in enterprises. 


Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Vo Tan Duc, along with leaders of the Provincial Police, the Provincial Trade Union, and Vinh Cuu District, visited the injured at Thong Nhat General Hospital.

​To ensure timely delivery of orders and provide additional income for workers amidst difficulties, on the public holiday of May 1st, over 40 employees of Binh Minh Trading and Production Limited Company (Binh Minh Wood Company), located in Vam Hamlet, Thien Tan Commune (Vinh Cuu District, Dong Nai) still went to work at the factory. While the workers were focusing on processing and manufacturing export-oriented wooden household products, at 8:10 am, a loud explosion shook a large area surrounding the company, causing panic among everyone.

With a shocked expression on her face after the explosion, Ms. N.T.P, a worker at Binh Minh Wood Company, recounted: "After the loud explosion, everyone shouted and ran out to the yard. We heard that many people were injured. When we approached the area where the explosion occurred, we saw people dead and injured. Everyone hurriedly transported the victims for emergency treatment."

According to the report from the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Dong Nai province, the accident happened in the boiler area and the finished products workshop of Binh Minh Wood Company. The company has around 200 workers, and at the time of the accident, there were 42 employees working. The company installed a water tube boiler with a steam capacity of 1,000 kg/hour outside, next to the corrugated iron wall of the finished products workshop. During usage, the company discovered technical malfunctions and contacted the equipment supplier for inspection, maintenance, and repair on April 30th. On the morning of May 1st, the company's technical staff conducted an inspection and operation when the boiler exploded. Preliminary conclusions from the scene investigation and evidence collection indicate that the cause was a technical failure, leading to the boiler explosion and the serious workplace accident. 


Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Vo Tan Duc, visits the injured workers in the boiler explosion at Thong Nhat General Hospital on May 1st. 

Immediately after the accident, the Prime Minister and the leaders of the Ministries of Public Security, Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, and Health promptly directed and requested relevant units to take urgent measures to address the consequences, provide medical treatment to the injured, and visit the families of the deceased victims. At the same time, a quick investigation was launched to determine the cause of the accident. Local authorities, sectors, and organizations promptly expressed their condolences and shared the grief of the victims' families in this accident. This horrifying loss of life once again brings to mind the tragic images from the recent workplace accident at Yen Bai Cement and Minerals Joint Stock Company, which claimed the lives of 7 workers, indicating that the adherence to safety regulations has not been given enough importance. 

According to the assessment of the Dong Nai Provincial People's Committee, despite the achievements made in recent times, there are still some units and enterprises in the province that do not pay enough attention to occupational safety and health. The statistics for 2023 show that there were over 900 workplace accidents in the province, resulting in more than 900 injured workers and property damage of over 18 billion VND (including 27 cases with 28 deaths). If we include the boiler explosion at Binh Minh Wood Company, there have been 12 deaths due to workplace accidents in Dong Nai in just over four months in 2024.

These troubling figures in the province, known as the "industrial capital" of the country, ring the alarm bell about ensuring occupational safety and health in enterprises. What is concerning is that in areas with early industrial development and initial stages of investment attraction without selective investment, the machinery and technology of many companies and factories in Dong Nai have become outdated, which implies potential risks in the working environment if occupational safety is not taken seriously enough.

Initial causes of workplace accidents stem from limited awareness and adherence to safety laws and regulations by both employers and employees, and in some cases, a complete disregard for them. Just a few days ago, during the launch of the 2024 Occupational Safety and Health Action Month, with the theme "Enhancing occupational safety and health in the workplace and supply chain," Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Dong Nai province, Nguyen Son Hung, emphasized the need for strict compliance with occupational safety and health regulations by all levels of government departments, trade unions, especially businesses, production facilities, households, and workers. This includes strengthening inspections and checks on occupational safety and health in enterprises, as well as promoting awareness campaigns among workers and employers in response to the Occupational Safety and Health Action Month. 


After directing the response efforts at the scene, at noon on May 1st, Acting Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Vo Tan Duc, visited Thong Nhat General Hospital to oversee the treatment of the injured victims of the explosion.

To make meaningful progress in occupational safety and health, it is not enough to stop at the launch ceremony or to simply reflect on the tragic consequences of past accidents. It is crucial for relevant authorities to take stronger measures and tighten enforcement of safety and health regulations in each individual business. However, the most important factor remains the voluntary and proactive consciousness of each business owner and worker in complying with safety regulations in the workplace.

In the near future, the competent authorities will promptly investigate and hold accountable the organizations and individuals involved in the unfortunate accident mentioned above. Nevertheless, the pain that the families and victims have to endure will persist. It is a painful lesson that serves as a solemn reminder for those who remain that they should not wait for a tragedy to occur before taking action. 

Thien Vuong (Nhan Dan Newspaper)

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