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Need to improve the skills for high-quality human resource

Currently, many enterprises are facing difficulties in production and have to cut workers, high-quality human resource still have strong positions at enterprises. The reason is that skilled workers quickly adapt to all job positions when enterprises change production processes while unskilled workers are redundant. This is a common situation that requires employees to constantly improve their skills to have sustainable jobs at enterprises.


Skilled workers have jobs and stable incomes at enterprises in the province

Skilled labors are always appreciated by enterprises

For more than 3 years now, although businesses are affected by the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic and the conflict situation between some countries, but Mr. Tran Anh Tuan working at Vietnam Precision Industry Joint Stock Company still maintains job and stable income. Mr. Tuan is currently working in the product installation department with 13 years of experience. Before working at the company, Mr. Tuan studied mechanical engineering and got an internship at the company. During that time, realizing his capacity and professional skills, the company accepted him to work.

According to Mr. Tuan, with new workers, if they are skilled and work seriously, they will be highly appreciated by enterprises. Therefore, in addition to completing works, employees need to participate in improvement movements to make production lines work better. “From the actual work, I actively learn and can control modern machines imported by enterprises for production, especially CNC machines, iron cutting machines, welding machines that are automatically adjusted through the screen. Therefore, if I do not catch up quickly with the work, it is difficult to have a strong position at the enterprise. In addition, employees need to be sensitive and exchange careers regularly to improve skills, "- Mr. Tuan shared.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sinh, Deputy Manager of production of Vietnam Precision Industry Joint Stock Company says that the company is currently expanding production and needs to recruit skilled mechanical workers. However, the difficult recruitment forced businesses to link vocational schools inside and outside the province to find human resources; at the same time, creating conditions for students to practice directly on industrial machines. If the job is satisfied, the enterprise will immediately accept and pay a commensurate salary, suitable to the skills of the employees. Particularly in 2022, the enterprise has surveyed a number of vocational schools to promote linkages and vocational training for employees, meeting production requirements in the direction of modernity.

According to enterprises, in the face of the demanding situation of customers' product quality, enterprises have invested in installing automated production lines and automatic industrial conveyors to create products having exact specifications. With these types of machines, each machine only needs from one to two workers to control and it still ensure productivity. Therefore, skilled labors are always prioritized because when workers expose to advanced machineries and equipments, they meet labor skills, industrial style, and advanced working methods.

At Hyosung Vietnam Co., Ltd (Nhon Trach district), most of high-quality labor force such as production managers, team leaders, foremen come from workers. It is in the process of working and being trained by enterprise that employees quickly access modern production technology, contributing to the creation of quality products with enterprises. This is also an enterprise that regularly recruits high-skilled workers with a commensurate salary to attract workers. In addition, high-quality workers enjoy many good benefits to focus on their works.

Helping employees master technology

According to the Provincial Labor Confederation, in the past time, trade unions at all levels have launched many emulation movements for workers to improve their skills, promote creativity and initiative in the process of working and production. Across all fields, there have appeared many leading role models in labor, affirming important positions at enterprises.

Worker Thinh Duy Hung, working at Vietnam Plus Industry Co., Ltd (Bien Hoa City) is a typical example in participating in creative movements. In particular, the project of automating screen printing on Flat File products to upgrade automatic screen printing machines is bringing high production efficiency. This initiative costs only 50 million VND for in input but saves the company over 665 million VND per year. “Foreign enterprises always know how to take advantage of the “great knowledge" of employees in the right job positions to bring about product efficiency. Therefore, if employees do not actively learn jobs, it is difficult to apply for a new job at another enterprise when the enterprise is fired or bankrupt"- Mr. Hung shared.

In fact, enterprises have now put new and modern technological processes into production, vocational training for employees is highly valued by enterprises. However, although the skill level of workers has been improved, it is still low which has affected the acquisition of science, technology and product quality. Many enterprises are willing to spend a large amount of money to invite foreign experts or coordinate with vocational schools to train workers in order to quickly receive new production technologies and job requirements and bring products with high competition in the market.

Participating in job exchanges in early 2023, it shows that businesses are facing difficulties in recruiting technical and skilled workers. Enterprises say that the labor market is having an excess of low-skilled people and a shortage of high-tech workers. In addition, the limitation of qualifications makes difficulties for workers to change their jobs.

Mr. Liao Shu Jiang, Production Manager of Topband Vietnam Co., Ltd (Long Thanh district) says that the enterprise has imported a series of automation machines into the production of electronic components by the end of 2021. However, recruiting skilled workers to operate these machines is not easy. The enterprise has to train workers and takes lots of time for them to adapt to the job.

At the meeting to review the work of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in January, 2023, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized that the quality of human resources that did not meet the requirements was the "blocking point" in the investment invitations and improve labor productivity. Currently, when discussing cooperation, foreign partners are concerned about two issues: technical infrastructure and labors. When the demand for skilled workers is high and human resources are limited, important projects will have to depend on foreigners without good training, and Vietnamese workers will suffer losses. Training a high-quality workforce is an urgent goal in the current context. This is considered the root problem to develop the labor market in the right direction, to be flexible, sustainable and integrated.​​​

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