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Mobilizing resources for disaster prevention and response, especially in post-disaster recovery

(News Portal – Dong Nai) - On the morning of May 10th, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang chaired a national online conference on disaster prevention and search and rescue operations in 2024. Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Vo Van Phi presided over the conference at Dong Nai province.


Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Phi presided at Dong Nai province venue 

In 2023, numerous large-scale disasters occurred worldwide, causing significant human and property losses. In Vietnam, there were over 5,300 incidents and disasters, resulting in 1,129 deaths and missing persons. The estimated economic damage exceeded 9.3 trillion Dong.

From the beginning of 2024 until now, several severe disasters have occurred nationwide, such as intense cold spells in the northern and central regions; droughts, saltwater intrusion, landslides, and flooding caused by high tides in the Mekong Delta; droughts in the Central Highlands, heavy rain, storms, lightning, hail in the northern, central, Central Highlands, and southern regions; and historically high temperatures. In the first four months of the year, these disasters resulted in 14 deaths and missing persons, and material damages amounted to over 399 billion Dong.

In Dong Nai province alone, disasters have claimed the lives of 2 people, causing a collapse of a 4-storey house into a river and the collapse of a warehouse, as well as damage to 85 houses' roofs, flooding in 84 houses, the destruction of 189 aquaculture cages, and the loss of nearly 1.7 thousand tons of fish. Additionally, nearly 1.3 thousand hectares of rice, flowers, and fruit trees were submerged and damaged, and 149 hectares of fish ponds were flooded. Flooding also caused local traffic congestion on some roads. The estimated damage in Dong Nai amounted to approximately 38.6 billion Dong.

In the first four months of 2024, widespread heatwaves occurred in the province. As a result, over 17.4 thousand large planted forest trees in the Xuan Loc protective forest died. The highest salinity level measured in the Dong Nai River (section passing through Cat Lai ferry) in March 2024 ranged from 6.50/00 to 10.20/00, an increase of 2.30/00 to 5.60/00 compared to the same period in 2023. However, it did not have a significant impact on agricultural production and people's lives.

In 2023, Dong Nai province collected over 51 billion Dong for the Disaster Prevention Fund, reaching 108% of the plan. The total expenditure amounted to approximately 7.9 billion Dong, covering urgent repairs of disaster prevention works, support for rewards to direct collection personnel, administrative costs related to annual fund collection work, and other relevant support. In 2023, localities within the province supported affected residents with a total budget of 142 million Dong.

The weather forecast for the rest of 2024 indicates a transition from hot weather to cold weather, with a strong and sudden change that increases the risk of rain, storms, and floods towards the end of the year. Unusual and intense disasters will continue to occur. The forecast divides the period into two phases. Phase 1, from now until the end of May, will still be influenced by El Nino, resulting in hot weather in many places, especially in the Central Highlands, with a high risk of forest fires. Heavy rain and the risk of storms, lightning, and hail, especially during the seasonal transition, can cause significant damage in the northern and central regions. In 2024, it is predicted that there will be 12-13 storms in the East Sea, affecting the mainland with approximately 7 storms, similar to previous years. Typhoons and floods will concentrate in the last months of the year, with a high risk of heavy rain combined with storms and floods causing significant damage.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang acknowledged and praised the results achieved by ministries, sectors, and localities in disaster prevention and search and rescue operations. In 2023, Vietnam did not experience any landfalling typhoons, but unusual events such as record-breaking droughts in decades, landslides, and saltwater intrusion caused significant damage to the population. The post-disaster recovery efforts were carried out effectively. The quality of hydro-meteorological forecasting has significantly improved, which is a positive development. Ministries, sectors, and localities have also been more proactive in forecasting and responding to disasters, contributing to a considerable reduction in disaster-related losses.

However, there are still existing issues, including the public's awareness of disaster prevention, with some responsible individuals not fully synchronized. Pre-disaster inspection, monitoring, and urging still have several issues that need to be addressed. Some legal provisions onMobilizing resources for disaster prevention and response, especially in post-disaster recovery.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang has outlined 9 key tasks for the near future. These include fully equipping the military in accordance with the Civil Defense Law, which designates them as the primary force for immediate response in case of emergencies. However, each sector and unit must also fulfill their management responsibilities. It is crucial to promptly establish decrees and guidelines for implementing the law, ensuring its enforcement and promoting disaster prevention, emergency response, and search and rescue operations. Additionally, efforts should be made to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and resilience of disaster response organizations. Communication and information dissemination should be strengthened to raise public awareness, especially among those with responsibilities and the general population. Social media platforms are particularly effective in reaching a wide audience. Ministries, departments, and localities should develop effective and suitable disaster prevention scenarios. The quality of timely and accurate weather forecasts should be improved, and the operational capacity of each locality, especially the responsibility of local leaders, needs to be enhanced. Mobilizing resources for investment in disaster prevention and response, particularly in post-disaster recovery, is essential, and external social support is highly significant. It is hoped that international organizations will collaborate with Vietnam in exchanging information and experiences, providing support in forecasting and human resource training, and showing interest in funding non-repayable projects for disaster relief. 

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