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Connecting with foreigners living and working in Dong Nai

(News Portal – Dong Nai) - In Dong Nai province, there are currently about 32,000 overseas Vietnamese living and working in various countries and territories around the world, and nearly 18,000 Vietnamese families living abroad residing in the area. Additionally, the province is home to a large number of international students and foreign workers in various industries. 


The traditional Bunpimay Festival (Laos) and Chol Chnam Thmay Festival (Cambodia) are organized by the Provincial People's Committee. 

Various people-to-people activities
In recent times, foreigners in Dong Nai have received attention and support from their Vietnamese friends through various activities organized by the province's People-to-People diplomacy program. Among these activities, the 10 members of friendship associations under the Union of Friendship Organizations of the province regularly hold recreational and social events for foreign students and workers in Dong Nai, as well as for their Vietnamese counterparts. The Dong Nai Vietnam - Japan Friendship Association, in particular, frequently organizes cultural exchange programs between Vietnam and Japan to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.
According to the Chairman of the Dong Nai Vietnam - Japan Friendship Association, Nguyen Van Quyet, the association's members have performed various musical and martial arts performances from both Vietnam and Japan. Additionally, the organizers have set up a culinary space to introduce distinctive Vietnamese and Japanese dishes to everyone. Furthermore, the association also organizes an annual painting competition on the theme of Vietnam - Japan cooperation and friendship.

The Consul General of Japan in Ho Chi Minh City, Ono Masuo, stated that many of these activities are primarily aimed at providing opportunities for Japanese nationals studying and working in Dong Nai, as well as those in nearby localities, to meet and interact with their Vietnamese counterparts. He himself tries to make time to visit Dong Nai with his Japanese friends to participate in these events, aiming to enhance mutual connections, sharing, and support.

In April every year, the Provincial People's Committee organizes the Traditional Bunpimay Festival (Laos) and Chol Chnam Thmay Festival (Cambodia) for students from the Lao People's Democratic Republic and the Kingdom of Cambodia studying in Dong Nai. Currently, there are 52 students from Laos and Cambodia studying at 5 colleges and universities in the province. This event attracts not only Lao and Cambodian students but also those working in Dong Nai and Ho Chi Minh City.

Meanwhile, the Friendship Melodies Festival, held annually, serves as a unifying activity for foreigners residing in Dong Nai. Every participant in the festival not only performs but also cheers for their friends and compatriots on stage.

The Chairman of the Union of Friendship Organizations of the province, Nguyen Thanh Tri, mentioned that the festival attracts not only association members but also foreigners and leaders of foreign diplomatic agencies in Vietnam who come to watch and support the event.

The Chairman of the Vietnam - Cambodia Friendship Association in Dong Nai province, Tran Thanh Hung, stated that Dong Nai is home to many Cambodian students studying in various fields and institutions. Additionally, Cambodian-Vietnamese individuals return to their homeland to seek employment or settle down. Therefore, apart from recreational and entertainment activities, the association also focuses on providing support to those in need.  

Sympathize with foreigners living and working in the locality

In addition to the People-to-People exchanges organized for associations and organizations, foreigners living in Dong Nai also receive attention and support from the community.
Mr. Dedluexai Volaixai (Laotian, Vietnamese name is Long), who works at a pharmacy in Bien Hoa city, shared that apart from working hours, Vietnamese friends in Dong Nai quickly treated him as a member of their group, inviting him to participate in collective activities. Thanks to this, besides his relationship with fellow Laotians, Mr. Long quickly established friendships with people in Dong Nai. During times of moving houses or finding new rentals, he mentioned receiving assistance from his friends. Occasionally, Vietnamese and Laotian friends also organize short trips together for leisure.

Apart from students and teachers, in recent times, many Indians have come to Dong Nai to teach yoga at various centers and sports facilities. During the teaching and learning process, trainers and students also share stories about their families and customs from both sides. As a result, those far away from their homeland have more friends to have conversations with after work or study hours. 

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