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Accelerate the progress of component projects in the Long Thanh airport project

(News Portal – Dong Nai) - To ensure the overall progress of the construction of Long Thanh International Airport phase 1, the Government has requested relevant departments to come up with plans and solutions to implement tasks effectively for all component projects. 


Contractors constructing Long Thanh airport passenger terminal phase 1.

The landscape leveling package has completed more than 90% of its overall progress

Among the 4 component projects of the Long Thanh airport construction project phase 1, component project 3 – the construction of essential works in the airport is the project that plays a key role, ensuring the overall progress of the entire project.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tien Viet, Deputy General Director of Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV), investor of component 3 project, currently, all items have been and are being constructed synchronously and closely follow the proposed plan and on schedule as signed contracts. Main items such as passenger terminals, runways, taxiways and connecting traffic systems were started in July and August 2023 respectively. After starting construction, contractors urgently mobilized and gathered machinery and human resources according to the construction schedule. "Currently, the entire project site has mobilized nearly 3 thousand people, including more than 2 thousand officials, experts, workers and machinery and equipment on site to focus on constructing 4 main bidding packages"- Mr. Nguyen Tien Viet said.

Recently, rainy weather has affected the construction progress of main items, especially the construction of the flight area, as well as the supporting infrastructure for the passenger terminal. However, ACV has urgently coordinated with consulting units and construction contractors to arrange flexible construction according to seasonal construction plans to ensure that when the rain stops, construction can continue immediately. In particular, the ACV will continue to mobilize machinery to prepare for peak construction when the rainy season ends in November 2023.

Particularly for the drainage construction package, up to now the total volume of excavation and embankment has reached about 90% of the total volume of more than 115 million m3. The areas of runways, taxiways, aircraft aprons and areas for arranging component projects 1, 2, 4 have been completed, and are ready for the synchronous construction of the main items.

Mr. Nguyen Bach Tung, Deputy Director of the Transport Construction Investment Management Authority (Ministry of Transport) said that the construction progress of the ground leveling and drainage package was being accelerated thanked to the efforts of the contractors. However, the contractor needs to complete the construction as soon as possible so that human resources and machinery can be used for other things.

Maintain the progress of all component projects
Besides component project 3, the remaining component projects are also currently being implemented by related units.

For component project 1 - the construction of state management buildings, Dong Nai has currently handed over enough ground to carry out the construction of items. Meanwhile, relevant agencies are also implementing investment procedures to build airport authority headquarters; Custom; Immigration management; local police headquarters; animal and plant quarantine agencies.

In project component 2 – the construction of works to serve flight management, according to the Deputy Minister of Transport, the items of this project are still basically maintaining the planned progress. It is believed that the construction will be completed in December 2025, according to the general progress of the project.

Component project 4 – the construction of other works is the slowest implemented project among the component projects. The main reason comes from determining the value of M3 (value paid to the state budget when using land). For this project, among 11 component projects, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has submitted for approval the investor selection plan of 2 projects, as well as completed the evaluation of interest documents and submit for approval the investor selection form for 2 other projects. At the same time, the evaluation of interest profiles of the remaining projects is underway.

Recently, at the actual inspection and working session with relevant units to implement the construction of Long Thanh airport phase 1 in October 2023, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha said that the component projects are tied to each other. Therefore, to ensure overall progress, the Ministry of Transport must review and summarize an overall implementation plan for the entire project. At the same time, the ministry is responsible for promoting, inspecting and supervising the implementation of all component projects. ​

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