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21. Multiple FDI enterprises apply advanced technology to production and business

(News Portal – Dong Nai) - Dong Nai currently has 33 industrial parks attracting investment from 44 countries and territories, with a total of over 2,100 projects. Among them, nearly 1,500 projects are foreign direct investment (FDI) projects, with a total investment capital of over $29.5 billion.

Currently, many FDI enterprises in the province are not only engaged in production and business, but also investing in new production lines and converting production technology towards advanced and environmentally friendly directions to meet the demands of partners, including large corporations and enterprises such as Hyosung Group (South Korea), SMC Group, Nestle Group, and Changshin Vietnam Co., Ltd…

High-tech packaging production at Starprint Viet Nam Joint Stock Company 

Hyosung Group (South Korea) is the FDI enterprise with the largest investment capital in Dong Nai. Currently, Hyosung's factories in Dong Nai are producing items in key industries that hold the top 1 market share worldwide, such as motors, nylon, curtain fabric, and other types of fibers. To meet the requirements of international partners and global trends, Hyosung always applies advanced and environmentally friendly technology in its production and business operations. Mr. Kim Kyung Hwan, General Director of Hyosung Vietnam Co., Ltd., stated that during the expansion of investment in Vietnam, Hyosung often transfers the entire system of high-tech machinery, similar to that in South Korea, to meet the standards of international partners. ​

In 2023, Hyosung invested over $2 billion in Dong Nai, raising the total investment capital in Vietnam to over $3.5 billion. Not stopping at these figures, the leaders of Hyosung Group have committed to continue expanding Hyosung's production and business facilities in Vietnam, and applying the most advanced production technologies to improve productivity and product quality.
Having invested and operated in Dong Nai for decades, Vietnam Precision Industrial Joint Stock Company (a member of the VPIC Group from Taiwan) specializes in manufacturing frames for leading global motorcycle and automobile brands. During their production and business operations, the company always applies advanced technology to meet market changes at different times. A representative of the company stated that, in line with the general market trend and current partners' interests, many customers are interested in the production of electric engines. Therefore, the company, along with many other businesses, is inclined to develop electric engine products to meet the demand for fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.
In the context of economic difficulties and increasing competition in attracting investment among localities, it requires localities to create a favorable investment environment, from registration procedures to infrastructure development for production and transportation of goods.
In Dong Nai, besides the advantages of geographical location, synchronized infrastructure development, and diverse transportation methods including rivers, roads, and airways, Dong Nai also has preferential policies for resolving and appraising investment registration documents for projects in Dong Nai. Accordingly, the provincial leaders of Dong Nai have been reviewing each project, directing and assigning specific responsibilities to units to resolve any remaining issues. At the same time, upgrading infrastructure of IPs and promptly establishing new IPs to timely supplement industrial land for the province.
Especially, during the recent Lunar New Year of the Year of the Dragon, for the first time, the provincial leaders organized visits, encouragement, and New Year wishes to the enterprises operating in the province. Through these working sessions, encouragement, and listening to the difficulties and information shared by the enterprises, the provincial leaders have shown their attentiveness.

Representatives of the enterprise leadership believe that the local leaders' attention is a great motivation for enterprises to have confidence and courage to make new investments and increase capital for their projects.

During the working sessions with enterprises, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Quan Minh Cuong reminded the enterprises to apply the most advanced technology in production, minimize labor-intensive processes, and pay special attention to developing high-tech machinery and equipment, green technology, and reducing environmental emissions towards reaching zero emissions. Vice Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Quan Minh Cuong expressed his hope that the enterprises will continue to have strong development directions in 2024 by expanding investments, upgrading and applying modern production equipment and machinery to improve economic efficiency.
Vice Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Quan Minh Cuong requested the enterprises that, during their investment and production and business activities, if they encounter difficulties, they can contact the management agencies or directly contact the provincial leaders for timely solutions. Dong Nai will create the best conditions for enterprises in the province. 

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