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17 plots of land are expected to be auctioned in 2024

(News Portal – Dong Nai) – In order to have funding for infrastructure development and soon put land areas into use, this year the province plans to auction the use rights of 17 areas. 


Hotel 71, Quyet Thang Ward, Bien Hoa City is in the 2024 land auction plan 

Currently, tasks such as planning information, registering land use plans, developing land auction plans, and estimated auction time have been prepared with a Gantt chart for relevant parties to implement.

Details of "golden land" areas

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment has just released a report summarizing detailed information on the plan to complete legal procedures as well as the expected time to auction land use rights in 2024. There are a total of 17 plots expected to be auctioned, including 6 land plots converted in 2023 and 11 additional new land plots.

One of the land plots transferred from the 2023 land auction is land plot No. 224, cadastral map sheet No. 35 in Tan Phong Ward (Bien Hoa City). This area has planning information, expected total investment and registered land use plan in 2024. From now until June 2024, a shortened detailed planning will be prepared and an auction plan will be developed which will determine the starting price, select an auction organization, post a notice and organize the auction.

The second one is land plot number 19, cadastral map sheet number 22 in Tan Hiep Ward (Bien Hoa City). This land also has planning information, expected total investment and registered land use plan in 2024. The expected auction time is June 2024.

Next is a land plot consisting of many smaller ones, with an area of nearly 77 hectares in Long Duc commune (Long Thanh district). Currently, Long Thanh district has finished handling land encroachment cases, and the Department of Construction has informed the planning and estimated total investment. From now until November 2024, rubber trees will be liquidated and legal procedures for auction will be completed.

Plot number 61, cadastral map sheet number 29 at Trang Bom Town (Trang Bom District). This land plot has planning information, expected total investment, and registered land use plan for 2024. From now until June 2024, a plan will be developed, starting price determined, and auction agency selected, as well as posting notices and organizing the auction.

Hung Loc lotus pond area in Hung Loc commune (Thong Nhat district) has completed the land legality. However, there are still procedures on plans, prices and auction organization, so the auction is expected to hold in May 2024.

The last piece of land to be transferred from 2023 is land plot No. 1587, cadastral map sheet No. 18 in Dau Giay Town (Thong Nhat District). In addition to the above procedures, this land needs detailed planning in 1/500 scale and updated housing development plans and programs. The expected auction time is August 2024.

As for 11 new additional land plots, a Gantt line has also been established to organize auctions between May and September 2024. Some large land plots are: nearly 352 hectares of land in Doi 61 commune (Trang Bom district); 4.8ha iron casting cluster land in Tan An commune (Vinh Cuu district); market and market neighborhood project land in Tam An commune (Long Thanh district) with 2.2 hectares... 


The old Cu Hung Company land area in Tan Hiep Ward, Bien Hoa City, which is moved from the 2023 auction to this year's​

Ensure resources for reinvestment

Auctioning land use rights is one of the solutions to have investment sources for infrastructure development, creating conditions to promote socio-economic development. At the same time, this also contributes to effectively promoting land resources, promoting the early formation of urban areas and housing according to planning.

However, in the past 3 years, due to low demand in the real estate market, policies related to investment in commercial housing projects, consulting methods for determining land prices have changed multiple times, leading to land use rights auctions have not met expectations.

In 2024, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment proposed that the province auction the rights to use 17 land plots, with an area of nearly 410 hectares, with an estimated value of more than 7.7 trillion VND.

Learning from past experiences, this year the Department developed a plan and established a Gantt chart with specific tasks and implementation time for each relevant unit. In particular, Department of Construction will provide planning information and estimated total investment; registering land use plans, preparing shortened planning/1/500 planning is done by the district People's Committee where the land is located; the Provincial Land Fund Development Center is responsible for developing an auction plan and selecting an auction organization; consulting units determine starting prices, post auction notices, and organize auctions.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Vo Van Phi said that the land auction results affect the implementation of the Provincial People's Council's resolution on infrastructure development. Therefore, the province is making efforts to increase revenue from land auctions, ensuring enough resources for planned public investment projects. Departments, divisions and localities need to make more efforts, be more responsible and have solutions to speed up the organization and implementation of land use rights auctions locally and in the province.

The Department of Finance urgently advises on policies to provide land for rubber trees plantations. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment develops, implements and urges relevant units to implement land auction plans. The Department of Planning and Investment as well as the Department of Construction provide guidance and support localities in completing legal procedures on land, planning, land use plans, and detailed construction planning so that the land is eligible for auction at the earliest. ​

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